Motivational Activities in Teaching Subject-Verb Agreement: A Guide for Teachers

Subject-verb agreement is a critical aspect of English grammar that students must master to communicate effectively. The incorrect agreement between the subject and verb can result in confusing and unclear sentences. Therefore, it is essential to teach students the rules of subject-verb agreement to enhance their writing and speaking skills. However, teaching this concept can be challenging, especially when students find it dull and monotonous. Therefore, incorporating motivational activities in teaching subject-verb agreement can help make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. In this article, we shall explore motivational activities that teachers can use in the classroom to teach subject-verb agreement.

Activity 1: Subject-Verb Bingo

Subject-verb bingo is a fun and straightforward game that teachers can use to motivate students to learn subject-verb agreement. In this activity, the teacher writes various subjects and corresponding verbs on a bingo card. The students will then listen to the teacher read out sentences and mark the corresponding square if they identify the correct subject-verb agreement.

Activity 2: Sentence Scramble

Sentence scramble is an exciting activity that involves jumbling up words in a sentence, and students must rearrange them to form a sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. In this activity, the teacher can use a physical or digital sentence scramble game, where students can drag and drop words to form a sentence. This activity reinforces the rules of subject-verb agreement and enhances students` critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Activity 3: Sentence Correction

Sentence correction is an activity that involves providing students with sentences containing incorrect subject-verb agreement, and they must correct them. This activity can be done individually or in groups, and the teacher can provide feedback to ensure that students understand the rules of subject-verb agreement.

Activity 4: Verb Tense Relay Race

Verb tense relay is a physical activity that involves students running to grab a paddle with a verb tense on it and then running back to the team to place the paddle on the board with the correct subject-verb agreement. This activity is not only fun but also enhances students` learning experience and helps them identify the correct verb tense.

Activity 5: Song Lyrics

Incorporating song lyrics is an effective way to teach students subject-verb agreement. The teacher can select songs with correct subject-verb agreement and ask students to identify the agreement in the lyrics. This activity enhances students` grammar skills and makes learning fun and engaging.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is a critical aspect of English grammar that students must master to communicate effectively. Motivational activities like subject-verb bingo, sentence scramble, sentence correction, verb tense relay race, and song lyrics can make the learning process enjoyable and effective. As a teacher, incorporating these activities in teaching can help students understand and retain the rules of subject-verb agreement for a lifetime.